Chef Zachary Inouye

As a native of Honolulu, Hawaii Chef Zachary “Zach” Inouye has weaved his way around the restaurant scene on the Island of Oahu. He started working in the industry at the age of 16, while still in high school and at an early age he discovered his passion for not only food but the love of working in this tough industry. As he began what would now be his career he started picking up ideas, skills, cooking techniques and styles of various chefs from around the industry.   

After graduating high school, Chef Zach Inouye studied business in California. While There, he continued to work within the industry at various restaurants continuing to learn and master his culinary trade. 

Upon his return to Hawaii in 2000, he started working in the kitchen at Hy’s Steak House as a Prep Cook and in 2005 at the age of 24 Chef Zachary Inouye was promoted to Executive Chef.  He won many awards and accolades for the establishment and was featured in many cooking demonstrations on local tv shows. He held this role for eight years and in 2012 decided to pursue the art of sushi and his own catering business.  While doing small private events for friends and family, Chef Zach worked in the likes of Nobu’s, Roy’s and Sushi Yuzu. While at Sushi Yuzu, he was named Chef De Cuisine and Head Sushi Chef, where he held that title for two years.

Drawing from his culinary influences, Chef Zach Inouye’s food is considered to be that of Hawaii Regional cuisine with Japanese and Italian fusion.